What Type of Cookware do You Need? What Type of Cookware do You Need?

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What Type of Cookware do You Need?

My name is Casey, and I am a cookware junkie. On this blog, I will list various types and styles of cookware from the very expensive to bargain brands. I'll let you know how each type works and explain what would be the right choices for you. Some people may want to spend huge amounts of cash on top level cookware, but most home cooks can do their best work with average costing tools. I will tell you everything you need to know about how to know if cookware is priced right, a great brand and useful for the type of foods you want to make.

Tips For Purchasing Dinnerware For A Kid-Friendly Restaurant

If you are opening up a kid-friendly restaurant, then one of the things that you're going to need to do—along with shopping for restaurant equipment so that you can prepare your food and furniture so that your guests will have comfortable places to sit—is to shop for dinnerware. Of course, it's not hard to find dinnerware for use in your restaurant, but you should put some thought into buying the dinnerware that is going to be right for your establishment. Read More 

Pure Organic Maple Syrup: Why You Should Use It Instead of the Processed Stuff

Do you normally pour maple syrup on your pancakes and other breakfast items, such as French toast and waffles? If you recently took a look at the ingredients used to make the processed syrup, you may be wondering if you are eating something that is good for you. Processed maple syrup contains several ingredients that are not good for you, such as high fructose corn syrup and assorted preservatives designed to give the product a longer shelf life. Read More 

3 Elements to Spice Up a Backyard Event to Celebrate Your Upcoming Retirement

Celebrate your upcoming retirement by hosting a party in your backyard to share food and festivities with your family members and coworkers by incorporating the following ideas while planning the event. Catering Crew Instead of taking the time to prepare a meal for your guests which could prevent yourself from enjoying yourself fully, hire a catering crew to handle all the details. A caterer will assist with planning a menu according to your preferences. Read More 

What Are The Different Levels Of Doneness Of Steak?

When you order a steak, the first thing that you get asked is how you want it done. There are several different levels of doneness out there. Some people are confused about all the different levels of doneness and what they mean. Then they guess at a doneness level and it turns out that it wasn't what they wanted. Knowing what they are can really help you get the best experience from your steak. Read More 

2 Halloween Treats You Can Make Using Apples

Instead of buying all the treats for your family this year at the store, below are two treats you can make yourself at home using apples. Gourmet Caramel Candy Apples Everyone has heard of candy apples but you may have not considered making some gourmet candy apples. Before you get started, wash the apples very well to remove any type of waxy coating that may be on them. You will need some small wooden sticks like the sticks for popsicles. Read More