What Type of Cookware do You Need? What Type of Cookware do You Need?

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What Type of Cookware do You Need?

My name is Casey, and I am a cookware junkie. On this blog, I will list various types and styles of cookware from the very expensive to bargain brands. I'll let you know how each type works and explain what would be the right choices for you. Some people may want to spend huge amounts of cash on top level cookware, but most home cooks can do their best work with average costing tools. I will tell you everything you need to know about how to know if cookware is priced right, a great brand and useful for the type of foods you want to make.

3 Elements to Spice Up a Backyard Event to Celebrate Your Upcoming Retirement

Celebrate your upcoming retirement by hosting a party in your backyard to share food and festivities with your family members and coworkers by incorporating the following ideas while planning the event.

Catering Crew

Instead of taking the time to prepare a meal for your guests which could prevent yourself from enjoying yourself fully, hire a catering crew to handle all the details. A caterer will assist with planning a menu according to your preferences.

Since the celebration will be held in your backyard, opt for barbecued items, such as grilled steaks, hamburgers, and hot dogs. Add a tossed salad and fresh fruit to the spread, as well as a variety of cool beverages and cocktails. You and each of your guests can eat and drink until satiated. Afterwards, the catering crew will clean up any leftovers and the dining area. For more insight on catering options, talk to businesses like Grumpy's Bar B Que Roadhouse. 

Dunking Booth & Inflatable Bull Ride

Rent a dunking booth and inflatable bull ride from a company that carries a line of items that are designed for outdoor parties and have the activities set up on a level part of your property. During the celebration, people will enjoy being able to compete against each other while letting off some steam.

To further enhance each activity, purchase some small gifts to give to winners who decide to compete against each other. In order to match people up for competitions, write everyone's name on a slip of paper. Place the papers in a bowl and draw two whenever a head-to-head match will be held. 

DJ & Dance Floor Under a Canopy

Install a canopy next to the dunking booth and bull ride so that you and your guests can seek shade and relax after exerting yourselves. Arrange rows of lounge chairs next to a portable dance floor. Hire a disc jockey to play a wide range of music so that your guests will be sure to hear some tunes that are pleasing to their ears. If the disc jockey brought a microphone to the event, have them announce special dances for everyone to perform or choose to hold a dance contest and have the disc jockey announce the winner.

If the party is going to last well into the night, install lighting underneath the canopy or line it with colorful paper lanterns so that you and your guests will be provided with plenty of visibility to continue getting down until the party winds down.